Kids Ride Free

by Moring, Rettic & Strell

Released 2015
Gallopin' Hoss
Released 2015
Gallopin' Hoss
Fun music for fun kids! All these songs have been exhaustively field tested to verify their connection with the preschool and elementary set. We can't guarantee they'll eat their vegetables, but we're pretty sure they'll soon be moving and singing along.
We've been collecting kid songs for years, performing them for our kids, our neighbors, school assemblies, and families in San Diego's Balboa Park. Here's the cream of the crop. Everybody should find something to connect to, be it the familiarity of Comin' Round the Mountain, the physicality Jump Up Jonny, or the silliness of Ain't No Bugs on Me. A few lessons are served up (Vegetables, Food Rules Dude) but not shoved down anyone's throat. Most of these songs work for our adult audiences as well, so we hope that the album can be a shared family experience in the car or family room (or bath). We've let you listen to the whole album on CDBaby so you can be comfortable it's something that will enhance your family's time together. Enjoy!

Richie Strell join the project in process and added his award-winning harmonica parts to several songs, put some smoking spoons on Comin' Round the Mountain, and sang lead on This Land. Annie Rettic contributes her classically-trained voice and fiddle throughout, including a beautiful lead on Puff the Magic Dragon and her original Leprechaun song. JT Moring wrote a lot of the songs and played a lot of the instruments, and herded the project into existence. Our kids have gotten their use out of these songs, and now we're passing them on to the next generation. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Here are some of the instruments we pulled out for this project. Acoustic guitar, banjo, fiddle (custom 5-string viola). Mandolin, ukulele, bass guitar. Harmonicas, penny and slide whistles, pan pipes, and kazoo. A little organ. And we went a bit crazy with percussion: South American drum, tambourine, cajon, Easter-egg shakers, bamboo scraper and clickers, spoons, rocks from the yard, a pot lid, a rattle made from some animal toenails, washboard, and hand claps. Feel free to add your own.

Welcome Travis Oliver!

With Annie taking care of business back East this summer, we're honored to have Travis Oliver bringing us back up to quartet-strength. Travis has fiery flatpicking chops, heaps of Appalachian soul, and a bunch of fun new songs for us to play. The music is a great fit with Rocky's bass and Richie's harp, and allows JT to shift over full time to banjo and mandolin.

Check out what Travis has to say in the San Diego Troubadour magazine.

And here's little bit of Hank Williams:




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